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Learn Everything About Gallon Clear Epoxy Resin

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Epoxy resin is a versatile and long-lasting material. We use it in various industries, including construction, aerospace, automotive, and marine. The ability of gallon clear epoxy resin to cure hard and strong is one of its primary advantages.

Gallon clear epoxy resin is ideal for high-strength and durability applications. It is frequently used in construction for bonding, sealing, coating, and casting. The hard cure ensures the resin can withstand heavy loads and resist cracking and breaking when stressed.

What Is A Resin?

The resin is a solid or highly viscous substance of plant or synthetic origin we use in different industries. Understanding clear epoxy resin is easy if you want to know a bit about polymer chemistry and material science. More recently, synthetic resins have been formulated using diphenols, epichlorohydrin, or bisphenol-A with epichlorohydrins. 

Several types of these combinations come with specialized formulas, but these are the most common epoxy resin. 

Urethane resin

Urethane resin is a water-based component that will protect your project and showboat a nice glossy finish. These resins are excellent for coating metals, wood, and concrete and typically have a shorter working time. 

Besides, urethane resins are VOC-free, non-toxic, and virtually odor-free.

Polyester resin

Polyester resin is an economical option as compared to epoxy resin. This resin is especially used in the marine industry, such as boat building. And also as a casting of bumpers, gutters, and even repair of plastic parts.

Epoxy coating resin

As the name implies, we use it for coating purposes. It has a quite high viscous consistency. Besides, the epoxy-coating resin has a shorter processing time; thus, it dries much faster than anything else. Furthermore, it’s easy to control epoxy coating resin as compared to other types.

Casting resin

As earlier said, epoxy resin is highly viscous, but casting resin is quite the opposite. Its applications are for making jewellery, moulds, figurines, filling wood, deep pouring, and much more. 

Safety Precautions

It is important to always wear protective clothing, face covering gears, or a breathing mask when working on epoxy resin. Also, pay your due diligence when working in a closed room to cast clear epoxy resin.

Using high-quality clear casting resin and proper mixing ratios are best and most fruitful for your project. Not knowing whether to use casting or epoxy coating resin can be problematic for your project. Reach out to Craft Resin for specific help, or you can find related goods from their store. Craft Resin is an Internation brand serving its products to European Union, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Uses Of Gallon Clear Epoxy Resin

Gallon Clear epoxy resin is a strong and durable Epoxy Resin that has a wide range of uses. Read some of the top uses for hard-curing epoxy resin:

Bonding and repairing

We use gallon clear epoxy resin for bonding and repairing various materials, wood, including metal, concrete, and ceramics. It is especially useful for improving damaged or broken parts because it is extremely strong and resistant to wear and tear.

Surface coating

You can also use epoxy resin as a surface coating to provide a protective layer on various surfaces, including countertops, floors, and walls. It is resistant to water, stains, and scratches, making it a popular choice in kitchens and bathrooms.


Epoxy resin is often used in construction projects because it is strong, durable, and resistant to water and other elements. It can be used as a structural adhesive, grout, or concrete repair material.

Art and craft projects

Artists widely use epoxy resin in art and craft projects, such as resin jewellery, paintings, and sculptures. You can put it into moulds or applied directly to surfaces to create a wide range of decorative and functional items.

Furniture and cabinetry

You can directly use epoxy resin to finish furniture and cabinetry, providing a durable and attractive surface resistant to water and stains.

Marine applications

Gallon clear epoxy resin is commonly useful in marine applications because it is resistant to water, salt, and other harsh conditions. You can also use it to repair building parts, boat hulls, and coat boat surfaces.

Automotive Repair

Epoxy resin is sometimes used in automotive repair to bond and repair metal parts, such as engine blocks, transmission cases, and exhaust pipes.


Epoxy resin is hugely in demand in the manufacture of electronics because it is an excellent insulator and can protect against electrical and mechanical stress.

Medical and dental

Gallon clear epoxy resin has great usage in the medical and dental fields for various applications, including as a dental filling material and a coating for medical devices.

Industrial manufacturing

We widely use gallon clear epoxy resin in various industrial manufacturing applications, including as a sealant, adhesive, and coating material.

To buy epoxy resin products online, visit the Craft Resin website now. They cater to the best resin supplies all across Europe.

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