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Troubleshooting Steps to Eradicate QuickBooks Error 6094


QuickBooks error 6094 can arise while opening or working on the company data file in the application. This error code can be triggered by an inactive or unresponsive database server manager, which makes it impossible to access the company file. The error can also arise due to blockage caused by an anti-virus program. If you are getting the QuickBooks error code 6094, you can use the solutions provided in this blog below to eliminate it effectively.

If you are having trouble understanding the steps or resolving the error code on your own, you can reach out to us at 1.855.738.2784 to get assistance from our technical support team.

Common Factors that Can Trigger the QuickBooks Desktop Error 6094

You might be getting the QuickBooks error message 6094 due to the following possible scenarios –

  1. Your QuickBooks Desktop application is not updated to the latest release, which is leading to compatibility problems.
  2. Your anti-virus program has become outdated or obsolete, which is causing issues in running the data file.
  3. QuickBooks has been added to the exclusion list on your anti-virus or 3rd party applications, leading to restrictions and obstructions.
  4. The QuickBooks Desktop program might be broken, damaged, or corrupted.
  5. The network data and transaction log files might not be running correctly, which is affecting the company file access.
  6. The QB Desktop installation process might be faulty or incomplete, or the installation files might be missing from the system.

Reliable Ways to Address QuickBooks Company File Error 6094

You can easily rectify QuickBooks error 6094 while opening company file by using the solutions provided below –

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Solution 1 – Exclude QuickBooks from the Anti-Virus Scan List and Restore the QB Files

You need to ensure that QB is not added to the scan list of your anti-virus program to eliminate the QB error code 6094.

  1. Exit QuickBooks and open the AVG antivirus program to double-click the Resident Shield option.
  2. Select Manage Exceptions and click Add Path to go to the C drive and enter the following path: Program Files\Intuit.
  3. Click OK and then Save Changes, followed by accessing the program dashboard to select History.
  4. Select Virus Vault and look for any file starting with QB and access them to select the Restore option, followed by hitting Close to end the process.

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Solution 2 – Modify the ND and TLG File Extensions to Mend the File Corruption

You can fix the ND and TLG files by renaming them and editing their file extensions in the following manner –

  1. Open the QuickBooks file directory and go to the location where the ND and TLG files, with similar names as your company file, are stored to access them.
  2. After you locate these files, right-tap them and hit the Rename option to modify their names by adding OLD at the end of the file name, like company_file_name.qbw.nd.old and company_file_name.qbw.tlg.old.
  3. Hit Enter to save the changes, and once done, exit QuickBooks and re-open it again to check if the 6094 error is effectively dismissed.


QuickBooks error 6094 can be reliably resolved by using the solutions provided in this blog above. If the error code persists, you can reach out to us at 1.855.738.2784 to get direct assistance from our QB professionals.

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