How To Use Any Web Browser To Access Your ICloud Mail

Online Certificate Courses How to Use Any Web Browser To Access Your iCloud Mail. 

How To Use Any Web Browser To Access Your iCloud Mail

An iCloud account that comes with the Apple device will give you access to a unique email address. While you might be accustomed to using this email account that is in the Mail app on your Mac, iPhone or iPad, you can actually still access your iCloud Mail from any of the web browser (including Microsoft Edge and Chrome).

Your iCloud Mail is linked to your Apple ID, just only if your email ID ends with the “”. If you are making use of a third-party email like the Gmail with your Apple ID, you’ll need to create another email address that is different from the iCloud email address, which will now be linked to the Apple ID of the user.


How To Get Started: 

1. Getting started with this, first open any browser on your computer (Linux, Windows 10, or Mac), Andriod smartphone, iPad, or iPhone, or tablet. Then, you type the URL into your address bar.


2. If you know the email address of your iCloud, enter it here. If you don’t know it, you can enter the email address that is associated with your Apple ID and then press the Enter key.


3. Enter iCloud Email Address


4. From there, you type in the password and press the Enter key.


5. Log In to iCloud Mail


6. If you use the two-factor authentication (it is recommended that you should), now enter the one-time password that you received on one of your Apple devices.


7. Two Factor Authentication to log In to iCloud Mail


8. Now, you should click the “Trust” button so that you don’t have to authenticate yourself in that browser in the future.


9. Trust Browser for iCloud Mail


10. You can alternatively, simply go to and then click on the “Mail” option.


11. Click Mail from iCloud Website


12. If you did not see the Mail option here, it only means that you haven’t set up any iCloud email address with your Apple ID yet. To do this, you will have to set up iCloud on your iPad, iPhone, or Mac.


13. And that’s it. You will have to check your iCloud Mail to view the inbox on the web.


iCloud Mail in Browser

From here, you can start browsing all the emails in your Inbox. You can also view all your sent emails. Regular features like the flagging and deleting emails are also available there.

You can also reply to emails or you can compose new emails as well (both of which will be open in the new windows).


Compose Email in iCloud Mail

As you’re making use of the iCloud Mail in a browser, it is recommended that you sign out once you’re done. To do this, click the "Name" button from the top-right corner and then select the “Sign Out” option.


Sign Out of iCloud Mail

iCloud Mail will enquire from you if you want to trust this browser. Trusting a browser will allow to you log in to iCloud Mail without entering the verification code. Click the “Trust and Sign Out” button.


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