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AI’s Pivotal Role in Transforming HR Functions: Key Findings from the Survey

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A recent survey commissioned by HR Technologies UK sheds light on the significant impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on HR functions in the UK. Conducted among over 1,000 HR professionals, the survey delves into the ways businesses are leveraging AI to enhance talent acquisition, streamline training, and address key challenges in the HR domain.

Talent Acquisition and Bias Mitigation:

 Positive Reception of AI:

A remarkable 80% of surveyed HR professionals express support for integrating AI into their talent acquisition processes.

Risk Mitigation:

Despite the enthusiasm for AI, there's a recognition of the need to mitigate bias risks associated with algorithmic design and model training data. The survey emphasizes the crucial role HR departments must play in ensuring fairness and equality in the screening process.

Financial Investment in HR Technologies:

Investment Trends:

The survey reveals that, on average, businesses in the UK invested £340,257 in HR technologies in the past financial year. This substantial investment underscores the growing significance of technology in HR operations.

AI Beyond Recruitment:

Training Challenges:

The survey identifies staff training and upskilling as a top challenge for HR practitioners (36%).

Anticipated Applications:

Respondents foresee AI playing a vital role in various HR functions, including onboarding and training (26%), performance management (24%), and virtual assistants (22%). This reflects a broader integration of AI in HR processes beyond traditional recruitment.

Technology Addressing HR Challenges:

Recognition of Instrumental Role:

A striking 93% of respondents acknowledge the instrumental role of technology in addressing key challenges faced by HR professionals.

Diverse Challenges:

Technology is seen as a solution for challenges such as employee retention and turnover (39%), managing hybrid working (36.23%), and ensuring staff wellbeing and engagement (36%).

Commentary from HR Technologies UK:

Positive Outlook:

Nicki Morris, Group Exhibition Director at HR Technologies UK, expresses optimism about the survey findings. The majority of HR professionals seeking technological solutions, including AI, is seen as a positive indicator for the future of automation within HR practices.

Resource Challenges:

Morris highlights the resource challenges faced by HR teams in a competitive business environment. The survey suggests that the strategic adoption of new technologies, including AI, can alleviate time-consuming tasks while ensuring human oversight.


The survey underscores the transformative role of AI in shaping the future of HR functions. While enthusiasm for AI is evident, the survey emphasizes the need for responsible and unbiased implementation. As HR professionals navigate challenges, technology, particularly AI, is seen as a valuable ally in enhancing efficiency and addressing the diverse needs of the workforce.

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