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Why Choose a Career in Health Informatics?

Health informatics is a rapidly growing field that combines healthcare, computer science, and information science. Professionals in this field use information technology to improve healthcare delivery. They work in a variety of settings, including hospitals, clinics, and insurance companies. If you are interested in a career in health informatics, there are a few things you can do to prepare. First, you should earn a degree in health informatics or a related field. You can also gain experience by working in a healthcare setting or by volunteering with a health organization.

If you’re tech-savvy and you’ve thought about bringing your skills to the healthcare industry, a career in health informatics is the career path to follow. The health informatics industry is growing through the roof these days and the industry isn’t short of jobs, so achieving your online MSHI degree by using an online MSHI program could pay dividends to your future. If you’re leaning on the fence when it comes to a career in health informatics, look at some of the reasons why you should strongly consider it.

Technical-Based Career

The career is highly technical and if you love everything technology related, a career in health informatics will suit you down to the ground. Working with numbers and data is a big part of the job and, if you like improving systems and coming up with new ways to boost efficiency further, a role as a health informatics professional will give you the opportunity to do exactly that. Working with numbers, updating databases, and improving the overall service of informatics to help other healthcare professionals conduct their work are just a few of the tasks you’ll have to deal with.

Help a Struggling Industry

The healthcare industry has always struggled in terms of a lack of nurses and lower efficiency processes. However, with the introduction of health informatics to make the lives of healthcare professionals easier, it means you’ll have a chance to improve processes and help the industry thrive again. Of course, you’re not going to get the same job satisfaction as nurses and doctors, but you’ll still go home every evening feeling proud of what you’ve accomplished.

Multiple Job Opportunities

Not only are there thousands of job opportunities available in different sectors right now but the industry is growing quickly and that could open new opportunities in the future. Whether you see yourself as a health informatics assistant or a manager that oversees working practices, a career in health informatics provides multiple opportunities to further your career. One other benefit of the industry is that you’ll continue learning all the time, which could help you develop your technical skills for a role in a completely different industry.

Excellent Salary Prospects

As a health informatics professional, you can expect to earn a reasonable salary of more than $60,000 per year. Some studies show that even salaries of more than $90,000 are on offers for some specialists in the field working in different states. So, if job satisfaction, multiple career opportunities, and a technical-based career aren’t enough reasons to get into the field of health informatics, maybe the excellent salary prospects are.

While the job itself isn’t particularly easy, the above benefits would suggest it’s one of the top jobs in the United States currently and it’s still expected to grow much further going into 2018. So, if you’re looking to help the healthcare industry and get a reasonable salary in return, consider a job as a health informatics professional and you won’t struggle to get up for work in the morning.


Health informatics is a growing field with high demand for skilled professionals who can use technology to improve healthcare. If you are interested in making a difference in the lives of patients and the healthcare industry, then a career in health informatics could be a great fit for you.

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