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3 Ways to Make Your Wedding Photography Fun

New Zealand wedding photographer . 

Wedding and wedding plans take months to get arranged or sorted. When it comes to wedding rush and preparations, it is ideal to make a checklist of all the important tasks to be done. You shouldn’t forget one of the most important parts of your wedding ceremony - hiring a wedding photographer. After all, you are going to cherish these unforgettable moments with your partner and family for years. 

Perfect shots and candid clicks are hard to get but can be possible with the help of professional wedding photographers in NZ. Wedding photographers have experience with various photoshoots in their professional careers. 

But you definitely don't want a boring marriage and photographs with jammed facial expressions. Raw images with random shots are immediately highlighted in your wedding album. Special surprises and activities can make your wedding quite interesting. You can arrange some specific tasks for the guests to entertain them and have fun at the wedding.  

Happy moments with good experiences with family or loved ones remain unforgettable and you can cherish all these memories later in life. You can click some picturesque scenarios with some pre-wedding shots. Add a story behind every picture that is clicked and selected for your wedding album.

  • The classic bridesmaid and groomsmen party photos

Time spent with family, cousins, and friends is auspicious. Ask your cousins to get the same color and design of the dress with their partner. You can arrange a suitable theme photograph of the same pose or look with the proper pattern of standing. It is best to capture a full enjoying day of outing and activity. Photoshoots allow you to enjoy while making perfect pose arrangements and sharing laughter and jokes. 

You can get some candid photos that can make you laugh every time you look at the picture in your wedding album. There should be some wedding colorful bombs and perfect background. Drone photographs or shoots will make group pictures more beautiful and unique. The group can make a unique shape like a heart shape or flower shape (Bride in the center) that looks perfect with a top drone shot. 

  • Toast and special announcements

Your friends and relatives or guests are excited to know about your meeting or special moments shared. Share some sweet memories with your friends and family members. Only photographs are not enough but hire a Wellington wedding videographer to make a video of such a beautiful and special moment. You can replay and listen to the words to refresh your memory even after years. It is quite embracing to rewatch expressions of that particular moment in a recorded video. 

You can at least arrange a champagne toast with your girl’s group. Raise your glass with loud cheers for a happy married life ahead. It is excellent to capture this special toast moment on camera. Ask your photographer to click random and perfect pictures narrating a whole story of your wedding week sequentially. All these multiple activities may add fun to your wedding photography.

Weddings do not only remain for clicking some jammed expression photos on stage with the bride or groom, having dinner, and exchanging gifts. There are a lot of activities and special moments to capture and make your day interesting or memorable with the bride. 

  • Wedding couture and dramatic pictures

Poses, photos, and video capture are never-ending activities at a wedding. After all, your wedding is your special day and you have the full right to look beautiful. It is a different level of happiness to wear different dresses and choose your garden background for a dramatic pose. You can be dolled up like a queen with a crown over the head and click photographs on a garden bench. Try extremely different dresses and gowns for display on your wedding screen for the guests.

There are various photo effects desired for bride and groom photographs. You can capture rare effects like sun reflections on your face in a dark room. It gives the ultimate effect to the picture. Try some stair images at your house or wedding destination. 

  • Conclusion 

You definitely want candid pictures and video shots to share with your social group on social media. Search for the best New Zealand wedding photographer with a reputation in the market. Check the previous projects, credentials, testimonials, and reviews of the photographer to ensure the correct selection. You should check that the photographers should have quick and alternative plans for the background. They should have relevant experience in photography and videography skills. 

Customers get satisfied with the best clicks performed in correct lighting, perfect angle, and HD clear picture clarity. You can add fun with some random and happy face clicks to your album. 

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