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Salesforce Experience Cloud vs Community Cloud

Salesforce Experience Cloud . 

Since human control and knowledge of digital interactions have evolved, Salesforce modernized the Salesforce Community Cloud as the Salesforce Experience Cloud. This Salesforce Experience Cloud vs. Salesforce Community Cloud dives deep into the key differences between Experience Cloud and Community Cloud.

What is Salesforce Experience Cloud?

Salesforce Experience Cloud is a cloud platform that we can utilize for creating online communities and branded customer experience clouds for your enterprises to communicate with partners, employees, and customers.

Creating the Salesforce Community must be developed for providing access to the related information and resources while assisting engagement, collaboration, and communication with communities. 

If we have a particular audience or subject in consideration for the experience cloud, Salesforce will allow your enterprise to develop an ideal interactive website or a self-service portal.

Salesforce Experience Cloud Features

Important Features of Salesforce Experience Cloud are as follows:

1) Member Involvement

By executing engagement tools like charts, discussion forums, and graphs, we can urge members to share and collaborate information with one another.

2) Community Developing

We can develop the personalized communities through layouts and templates tagged to your business and satisfy your needs.

3) Content Sharing

Experience Cloud offers a platform for community members for sharing resources and information securely.

4) Access Control

Have to share critical information with only particular users? Administration will control access privileges to the information; thus, only members of a community can access the information.

5) Customer Support

Develop a customer support portal for the users to log the tickets and trace their support requests.

6) Integration

Salesforce Experience Cloud continuously unifies with other Salesforce products and incorporates third-party apps.

7) Customization

As per the Salesforce data, we can customize the experiences and content for the community members.

8) Analytics and Insights

The cloud contains analytics reporting tools so that we can trace community involvement and get insights into monitoring metrics and community behavior.

9) Partner Cooperation

Partner Portals will play a crucial role if we have to cooperate and share information with the business partners.

10) Self-Service

To ease pressure on the support teams, implement the self-service community for the users to access information for troubleshooting their issues.

Advantages of Salesforce Experience Cloud

Some key advantages of Salesforce Experience Cloud are:

1) Modern Personalization: Enable modern personalization to fit the platform for distinct organization requirements and user preferences.

2) Extensive Toolset: Offers a massive choice of tools and features for building immersive and integrated experiences throughout several touchpoints.

3) Extensibility: Extents to adapt to increasing user bases and growing enterprise requirements.

4) Data-Driven Insights: Leverages modern analytics to collect insights and elevate user experience as per data.

5) Strong Integration: Endorses continuous integration with the salesforce products and explicit systems. 

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What is Salesforce Community Cloud?

Salesforce Community Cloud is a platform that allows us to sustain interaction between employees, sales, and customers for sharing images and data in the real world. It enables the enterprises to interact with the customers, improve partner success, and raise the employee’s productivity.

Through the community cloud, we can offer a customized experience to every customer. Customers can discover the communities for resolving their queries or problems easily. 

Advantages of Salesforce Community Cloud

1) It assists us in developing amazing branded experiences through several templates and themes.

2) It offers a wide range of experiences for specific needs.

3) It enables us to utilize the Salesforce CMS for creating effective content and be provided to any channel.

4) It enables us to incorporate data from third-party vendors.

5) It helps you scale business processes for partners and customers.

Salesforce Community Cloud Features

Following are the features of Salesforce Community Cloud:

1) Develop your community

It helps you develop and personalize your community for accomplishing its needs.

2) Link your customers

The community cloud offers the astral service with robust community software and Salesforce Developer Training . This software enables us to create effective and self-service experiences. 

3) Grow Partner Sales

Salesforce Community Cloud expedites sales channels by linking with partners, distributors, and resellers. It raises partner sales in the following ways:

  • It provides simple data-sharing options and links the partners with product experts.
  • It enables us to share the leads, contacts, and reads with the partners. It distributes the inventory, pricing, etc., by incorporating third-party systems.
  • Through the dashboards and reports, it enables us to rank and track the partner's performance.

4) Equip your Employees

The Salesforce community cloud improves the employee's productivity and engagement. The community cloud will equip the employees in the following ways:

  • Provide structure to activities and discussions. Create a group for your team, a new project, a campaign, or an upcoming event. Share records and files throughout your organization.
  • Access all the information with computer-generated topic pages. Gather files, groups, experts, and discussions into one page.

5) Business Integration

  • It handles order fulfillment, order delivery, and order placing from one place.
  • It offers the master repository that includes data on all the orders.
  • It enables us to access the global view of the full order lifecycle using different selling channels.

Salesforce Experience Cloud vs. Salesforce Community Cloud

When we compare Salesforce Experience Cloud and Salesforce Community Cloud, we can see only some small changes. We can see some modifications to the tools we utilize to build your website and modifications to the documentation and terminology updates.

These modifications impact Salesforce org that utilizes Community Cloud. To start with, as earlier stated, various terminologies have been changed. The term “community” has been substituted with the word “site.” This is due to when you first begin your digital journey, the first thing that springs to my mind is creating a website.

Additionally, other areas in the digital experience menu have been simplified, yet the features and settings in this section remain the same. Besides, it is important to note that all the terminology and updates have been affected in the documentation.

This includes help topics and developer manuals. On the whole, Experience Cloud helps you develop robust communities where customers will share information and assist one another. This enables us to build in-depth customer relationships and provide better service.

As Experience Cloud is developed on the Salesforce platform, the third-party systems will be integrated into the community.


Salesforce has renamed the Salesforce Community Cloud as Salesforce Experience Cloud to cope with evolving industry needs. It has applied updates and made some changes to provide advanced digital experiences. 

This Salesforce Community Cloud vs Salesforce Experience Cloud will provide you with in-depth knowledge about the differences between Experience Cloud and Community Cloud. If you have any queries, let us know by commenting below.

Author Bio:

Suneel, a Technology Architect with a decade of experience in various tech verticals like BPM, BAM, RPA, cybersecurity, cloud computing, cloud integration, software development, MERN Stack, and containerization (Kubernetes) apps, is dedicated to simplifying complex IT concepts in his articles with examples. Suneel's writing offers clear and engaging insights, making IT accessible to every tech enthusiast and career aspirant. His passion for technology and writing guides you with the latest innovations and technologies in his expertise. You can reach Suneel on LinkedIn.

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