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SEO - Content Is The King

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What Is Content?

Content is any useful information you can find on a website such as texts, images, videos, graphics, audios and even links to other websites. 

Content play a vital role in attracting and retaining visitors to your websites. Content is good but quality content is king. Attracting visitors is a result of relevant, fresh and producing timely and updated content on one’s website. This helps to draw traffic from search engines and garner audience loyalty.

Avoid using too many heavy graphics in your content because they are not usually search engine friendly, heavy graphics can make your site look crappy especially when the images take time to load under a slow network, this usually put-off site visitors.

Materials are available for tips on how to make your website search engine friendly, they could be in the form of articles, books, and forum entries. Above all nothing matches a unique, high-quality, and unduplicated content.

The superior the quality of your content, the higher the ranking you'll achieve, the larger the traffic you gain and the greater the popularity of your website. Good quality sites are preferred by search engines for their indexes and search results. 

Unique, High-Quality Content

Is your material or content unique? Because when people visit a website for information, they usually want a unique spin on a topic. Is that uniqueness obvious, and easy to find and to understand? Visitors want unique, high-quality site content. Not only your home page should have useful content, but all linked pages and this content should be easy-to-understand. These are the things to consider when putting up SEO optimized content. 

Nowadays, search engines have become very smart and they are able to understand complete grammar and complete phrases. Hence while ranking a page against others, the content available on a page matters. Sites with duplicated, syndicated, or free content are given red flags by search engines which can affect your rankings negatively. 

SEO Content Writing (Copywriting)

SEO Content Writing (also referred to as SEO Copywriting), involves the process of integrating high relevant keywords and call to action informative phrases in the content of your website. 

The following tips may help you in keeping it better than others while writing your webpage content:

  1. The content should be directed to the specified target audience.
  2. Keyword density is strictly adhered to as per search engine guidelines.
  3. Titles should always be eye-catching, compelling your visitors to read on and want to know what you offer on your website.
  4. Do not use confusing, ambiguous, and complex language. Use small statements to make your content more understandable.
  5. Keep your web pages short.
  6. Organize and distribute the content on the webpages.
  7. Your web page content should be divided and broken into pieces of short paragraphs.

Advantages of Having Great Content

Improving SEO is not the only thing you need to think about, many factors contribute to making your site popular: 

1. If your site is having something really unique, then it would gain attention and even be referred to others.

2. Other webmasters like to create a link to your site on their sites.

3. Gain trust from your site visitors, making them look forward to your site’s text content and this ensures they would keep coming back.

4. A net surfer would only click a page whose content snippet looks more unique and interesting, even though the site is listed by search engines.

5. The golden rule of SEO is that Quality Content is the King, though creating, editing and promoting unique high-quality content can be difficult and time-consuming. Remember, you’re not only doing this because of a search engine but for your site visitors which as a long lasting effect in the success of your website. The results is always worth the effort. So, endeavor to keep your title, keywords, link text and metatags up-to-date, and content unique and interesting to read.

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