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SEO - Title Optimization

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What Is A Title Tag?

An HTML TITLE tag is situated inside the head tag. The page title (this is not the same with the heading for a page) is what is displayed in the title bar of your browser window, and is also what is shown when a page is bookmarked or added to a browser’s Favorites.

The title tag is placed on a webpage where your keywords MUST be present. Using the right keyword in the title of every page of your website is vital to Google, especially on the homepage. Do not forget to do this!

Things you should consider while designing the title of a webpage:

  • Do not exceed more than about 9 words or 60 characters in the title.
  • Keywords should be used at the beginning of the title.
  • Avoid including your company name in the title, except it is widely known.

Nonexistent or improper use of titles in webpages is the reason why most websites are kept out of top rankings on Google, except due to lack of relevant content on a web page or a lack of quality links from other websites that point to your site.

Best Practices for Creating Titles

Below are some best practices you should follow for creating titles on web pages:

1. Every page title should be unique.

2. Try to include your Primary Keyword Phrase in every title of every page, if possible.

3. Every title of your home page should begin with a Primary Keyword Phrase, accompanied by your best Secondary Keyword Phrases.

4. Your Primary Keyword Phrase should be of a more specific variation on each product, service, or content pages.

5. If the company name must be included, put it at the end of the title.

6. Use tools like WordTracker to know which word is searched on more often, in the form of plural or singular for your keywords.

7. Words shouldn’t be repeated more than 2 to 3 times in the title.

8. Make sure the <title> tag is the first element in the <head> section of your page - this makes it easier for Google to find the page. 

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