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SEO - Optimized Anchor

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How to use the Anchor Tag

Endeavor to use a descriptive anchor text for all text links. This could affect your ranking since most search engines consider anchor text of incoming links when ranking pages. 

Here is an example of an anchor tag:

<a href="otherpage.htm" title="Anchor Title">Anchor Text</a>

Important tips about anchors:

1. The Anchor Title: This plays a very important role and is visible by most of the search engines. It should have appropriate keywords.

2. The Anchor Text: This is also an essential part, it should be chosen carefully because the text is used not only for search engines but also for navigation purposes. Also, try to use the best keywords in an anchor text.

3. The otherpage.htm: This is the link to another webpage, it should link to an external site. Try to ensure that the linked page exists; else it would be a dead/broken link, this gives a bad impression to search engines, and to site visitors.

Here’s another example of an anchor tag:

<a href="otherpage.htm" title="Anchor Title">

   <img src="image.gif" alt="keywords" />


In the above example, notice the Anchor Text has been replaced by an image? While using an image in an anchor text, check that the alt tag is present. The keywords in the alt tag should be appropriate with the image.

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