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Email Marketing - Spam Compliance

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What is CAN-SPAM?

CAN-SPAM refers to Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing. Essentially, the law set forth a number of requirements that need to be met in order to send commercial emails to customers.

In 2003, the CAN-SPAM law came into existence because email inboxes were being flooded spam messages, the United States federal government took action with the passing of the CAN-SPAM law. 

How To Be CAN-SPAM Compliant?

CAN-SPAM Compliance isn't that complicated.

Follow these simple steps to be CAN-SPAM compliant.

1. Be Who You Say You Are!

Offshore spammers use this famous trap to get a client to open an email (or to dodge messages going to spam) by pretending to be another site or organization. This is an illegal act.

2. Be Truthful in the Subject Line

If your email is an advertisement, then say so in the subject line. This can be done in numerous ways, including mentioning in a little print at the base of the email. 

3. Include A Location

In your email, be sure to provide a physical postal address (street or a postal box), where you can receive communications via mail.

4. Let People Know How to Opt-Out

An option to opt should always accompany your emails, also referred to as allowing email Opt−Out from an email list. It is typically done at the bottom of the email. The requirement to be CAN−SPAM Compliance is that an ordinary person should be able to recognize and read this information. Also important is the "universal unsubscribe rule".

5. Honor Opt-Out Requests Promptly

Opt-Out or unsubscribe requests from a subscriber should be handled within 10 working days, and the “opt-out” or “unsubscribe” link must be valid for 30 days.

6. Monitor Emails Before Sending

It is in your sole interest to monitor your emails before sending, be aware that you are legally responsible for the actions of anybody you hire or authorize to send a marketing email on your behalf. Always review your marketing emails before they are sent out to make sure that they meet every criterion on the checklist!

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