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Email Marketing - Announcements

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Email Announcement

Email Announcement is an excellent avenue to announce a new product or service your business is offering. The following questions need to be answered, this would ensure your audience gets excited about the latest business offerings in your next product announcement email. 

1. Why Email Announcement?

2. Why should they care?

3. What’s included?

4. How do I get it?

Why Email Announcement

This showcases the services you’re offering your audience, they should know why they’re being emailed, and the services being offered.

Use brief, short and direct statements as the email headline or in the subject line. Always let your audience know about your latest arrival in short and simple terms. Your email should also include an image of the new product or a picture that represents your new service, this ensures that fewer words are being said and the image captures the interest of the subscriber.

Why should they care?

This shows the subscriber see reason to care about your image. Tell them the benefits of your new product or service that would directly impact them, clearly articulating the benefits of your new product or service can pique the interest of your customers.

What’s included?

Getting your readers interested enough to click on your call-to-action is the goal of a product announcement email. You don’t need to be elaborate on every single feature, Only include the main features that would be of interest to consumers.

An email example of a clothing store company should look like this - “Our latest collection is inspired by the early ‘70s and includes Jane bags, jumpsuits, suede skirts and more, and our clothing is made with  quality fabrics.”

Listing key features of a new product or service will keep the email focused. Any special discount or promotion should be prominent in the email announcement. For eg, Grab this one-time offer to save 10% off new items in the Male collection, offer lasts while stock last.

How do I get it?

Ensure your email recipients are clear on what they need to do to get your new product or service. If the product is being sold online, a clear “Shop Now” button is suitable. If you intend to drive traffic to the website by getting people to visit the site to get more details, use “Learn More" call-to-action. If you intend for users to visit or call, make your telephone line or address prominent in the email announcement.

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