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Email Marketing - Organizing Mailing List

Email Marketing Course, Email Marketing Certification, Email Marketing Training, Email Marketing Tutorial. 

Organizing Email List

Organizing all email addresses collected is very necessary, and all you have to do is to combine all the emails you collected in one single mass Email List, this ensures all subscriber's email addresses are cumulated in one file. MS-Excel is great for combining the list. After combining the list, you may need to export it in text or a CSV file as required by your Mailing Client.

An Excel worksheet can be converted to a text file by using the Save As command. Click the Microsoft Office Button Click Save As. Remember to sort emails in order to filter out invalid emails. Choose the text file format TXT for the worksheet when you click the "Save as" box.

Formatting Emails

Formatting Emails involves filtering your email list from bad, dead email addresses, wrongly typed email addresses, typo errors, syntax errors and possible some bouncing email addresses, if you are dealing with your old email List. An estimate of 22.5% of email addresses gets deactivated, banned or deleted per year, so that must be the bad news if you are one of the victims dealing with an old email list.

Email Validation

Email Validation is the technical process of sorting or filtering inactive emails from active email list.

Email Validation is needed so as to avoid being marked as “Spam” or “Blacklist” by mail servers. The best way to professionally validate your emails is by using email marketing clients such as Mail Chimp, Aweber, HubSpot, MailGenius etc these helps to handle email validation properly.

Email Validation Steps 

It is mandatory for those who have got thousands or millions of email addresses via opt-in or are running some bulk email clients application to take these simple validation steps before launching any email campaign:

1. Use Email Marketing Clients for automated validation.

2. Provide Opt-in and Opt-out Link in all your messages.

3. If you are using CPanel or Webmail for sending, always track your delivery manually on the webmail client option to filter inactive emails from active ones. 


This is also known as permission-based marketing. This has a policy that requires a potential customer to select the services they which to subscribe to.

There are formal ways to gather email addresses using a CTA, these could be found on the previous page. Coupons, cash rewards, and convenience entice many consumers, but often these benefits come at the cost of an undisclosed contract for use of personal information. Being transparent over what portion of the subscribers' data would be used and to whom it would be shared would go a long way in making the subscriber opt-in.


This allows for the customers to unsubscribe from the list at any time using the unsubscribe link or button. Avoid building an e-relationship where recipients are force-fed your messages before telling them they can opt-out or unsubscribe. By doing this the right way, your brand will be protected.

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