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Email Marketing - Service Providers

Email Marketing Course, Email Marketing Certification, Email Marketing Training, Email Marketing Tutorial. 

The Email Marketing Industry

Email messages get routed through an email service called ‘Simple Mail Transfer Protocol’ (SMTP) to your email recipient's email SMTP service, this is what happens to your email after it gets sent via an email app or Gmail.

When transferring to a large number of emails, You'll very likely need a transactional email service, a dedicated email sending service that'll make sure your emails get delivered no matter how many you need to send.

There are limitations to how many emails one can send in a day. Everything has got its limit. The same goes for email marketing. Gmail has a limit of about 500 emails per day, also for Yahoo and Hotmail Account has a limit of about 100 per day. This makes it impossible to do email marketing from these email service providers. 

Email Marketing Service Providers

Some of the top email marketing service providers that is suitable for email marketing include: 

1. HubSpot Email Marketing

2. MailGenius

3. Litmus

4. Mail Chimp

5. Reach Mail

6. Target Hero

7. Drip

8. Cake Mail

9. Mailjet

10. Flashissue

11. Constant Contact

12. AWeber

13. iContact

14. Cpanel Webmail: Using Cpanel Webmail for your email marketing can be a starting point for a start-up business. You can get a VPS or Dedicated Server for your Cpanel Webmail. However as your company grows big, we recommend the above listed Email Marketing Service Providers which offers sophisticated email list sorting, automation, validation, sending and optimal delivery. 

Service Provider Pricing

Before looking at prices, the first thing to decide is what kind of company and type of email service to use. Going through different Email Marketing Service providers you will find their pricing model is divided into two categories.

1. Subscription Based

This works best if the organization has fixed clients, that means you would have subscribers who want to hear from you as soon as a new product launch, Newsletters, Promotional Emails, then a Subscription-Based model is very good. Keep in mind that you have to pay the monthly fees whether you are sending many emails per month or not sending a single email to any of your clients.

2. Mailing Based

If you are a start-up company or want to generate leads, and you have got the list of email addresses. You may want to send emails once a month or send them in bulk format. Going with a monthly plan can be too expensive for a small business. A good alternative to this would be a mailing based plan. You can use Cpanel Webmail as a start-up company, however most of your email list checking, sorting and validation will not be automated when using Cpanel Webmail Service, you have to do it manually. 

Email Validation Service

Sending a bulk email to an unchecked list without cleaning it from dead, deleted, banned, bounced email addresses will cause a higher bounce back rate and you may get banned for sending SPAM. As a result of just avoiding this email validation step, emails will always hit the junk box, this means there are fewer chances of these emails hitting the inbox of the existing addresses in the active email list.

Below are the names of some online email validators −

1. Email Gang − Simple payment plans with accurate results, Cost-effective, high efficiency, detailed report, list review & don’t charge for unknown emails.

2. Email Validator − They offer pay-as-you-go pricing as well as subscription plans. 

3. Brite Verify − Just drag & drop your email list into the window. They will scan the list to show you your total records and cost and validate them, this validator is slightly expensive when compared to others in the market.

4. Verify Emails − Offering services with monthly validation limits and a yearly subscription seems disappointing and tiring.

5. Kick Box − Quickly validate and verify your email lists, this is achieved by just dropping one's contacts directly into the interface of kickbox. Kickbox would filter out the good, the bad, and the ugly.

6. Verifalia − They have certain limitations and are offering complex pricing plans. Visit their website to analyze the cost and then you can decide.

7. Never Bounce − Like Email Gang, they are offering free list reviews, that will tell you, if your list needs cleaning or not, though their pricing is higher when matched to Email Gang.

8. Data Validation − Payment terms are one-time, but at the same time, their other packages like tune up+ and monthly assurance will cost expensive. Their main advantage is that their results are accurate to a large extent.

Most people wouldn't mind a service that is hassle-free, cheap, and could provide high quality. Email Gang is relatively cheaper when compared to payment plans of other email validation software.

Looking at Email Gang, Here are some features, these features are also available in other email validation service −

1. Reporting tool with advanced tracking.

2. Statistics Opened, Bounced, Blacklisted, Marked Spam, UnSub, etc.

3. The PLUS feature is Email Validation Service. No one is offering Email Validation Service in all the service providers listed above except for Email Gang.

4. You can use it to clean the Email List from invalid, bouncing emails, a feature that is also integrated with the email sending platform, and no need to pay for those emails, which are invalid.

5. It can be a good alternative to increase domain outgoing emails.

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