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Email Marketing - Tips

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How to Manage a Mailing List

This requires you to do some technical work. Before starting your first email campaign, you have to gather all email addresses into a Text file or in an Excel sheet. These two formats are supported by major marketing providers.

The column of the email address can be copied Excel File/Text file. Once it's there, then copy the Emails column into another Excel File/Text file. The main goal is to extract email addresses from the database. Save this file in a (CSV) format if you're using excel, rather than in XLS, XLSX formats. Save it with the (TXT) format, if you have a text file, which is a common format of text files.

Avoid any garbage by implementing Email Syntax Verification at the point of sign-up form or during email collection. There might be some RAW data in your email columns like – someone has entered “Numbers, NIL, Special Characters” in the email field. You can google a program to handle this using an easy JavaScript validation code to avoid any garbage submitted by the user. For garbages in the Excel list, locate with some Easy Formulas and Sorting method.

How to Validate Emails

Email Gang as the Cheapest and most accurate email validation provider.

How can this list be validated?. The scenario is the same for all providers - upload the Email List File either in “.txt” Format or “.csv” Format. So this is the time for email validation since at this point, the list is cleaned from garbage and duplicate email addresses, upload the file to their server through the UI, they would verify this file, and you get to know the Valid, Bad, Dead, Bouncy, etc. emails.

Recommended Software

Simpler is better, find the tool that works best for you. OpenRefine also known as Google Refine is an effective tool for dealing with unstructured data, cleaning and transforming it from one format into another, and extending it with web services and external data, you may find short tutorials on how to work with this software at openrefine.org.

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